IDIMweb Services

One of the main assets of the tools developed and deployed by IDIMweb Agency is their versatility which allows us to meet all expectations...
For all Web site projects, we offer a study and a global response adapted to the expectations and needs of our customers.

If the site remains the visible and essential part of any web communication, IDIMweb proposes to be a true partner in all the processes of realization and marketing for the Internet.

    An approach to respond effectively to the particularities of all:
  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Associations
  • Administrative, Governmental or Institutional Services ...
    And for all types of websites  :
  • Showcase sites
  • Community sites
  • E-Commerce sites
  • News sites
  • Personal sites
  • Institutional sites
  • Landing pages ...


    Creation of your visual identity. The design of a site for the Internet should not be an accumulation of unnecessary gadgets but intended to meet the needs of your users and customers. Our UI/UX experts will help you achieve this goal.
  • Templating - A strong and unique visual identity, with a studied user experience
  • Customization - A personalized design, adapted and effective for your message
  • Responsive - Perfect accessibility and readability on all types of devices ...


  • CMS - Implementation of the most innovative and efficient tools
  • Joomla -  The strength of OpenSource and the benefit of an innovative international community
  • Extensions -  More than 8,000 extensions available to extend and empower your site
  • Development - Creation and implementation of specific extensions...

Audit, Consulting
Web Strategy

  • Management - Implementation of all types of Web projects
  • Strategy - Development and implementation of a global web marketing strategy adapted to real needs
  • Audit - Analysis study of existing Web strategies and evolution proposals
  • Search Engine Optimization - Analysis and advice in SEO
  • Statistics - Monitoring, analysis and statistical advice ...

Digital Marketing

    A strategy adapted to your needs. Whether it is for a natural SEO or a sponsored campaign, the marketing strategy for your website must be unique and tailored to your real needs, your budget and your objectives. Our specialists will determine and implement the best SEO strategy.
  • SEO - Internal optimization of sites, natural referencing and adwords campaigns
  • E-Marketing - Deployment and management of specific tools such as the creation and management of newsletters
  • Community Management - Social media campaign strategy and management
  • Web Advertising - Web Advertising Campaign Strategy and Management ...


    We take care of everything. Our team offers complete solutions for the security and maintenance of your site, such as updates, migrations, backups and all types of services related to your site and its extensions.
  • Security - Definition and implementation of the best hosting, security and backup solutions, site monitoring
  • Technical Maintenance Package - Track and update and upgrade of systems, languages and extensions, patch applications ...


    The content, again the content and always the content. More than quantity, whether for your texts or photos, translations or updates, quality and content optimization are the keys to the success of your website.
  • Copywriting - Writing texts for the web, translations, photos
  • Content Package - Update and optimization of your content with our different hourly packages ...

Domain name &

    The solution to your needs. In partnership with the best professionals, we will implement the solution best suited to your needs. We take care of the whole process including registering your domain name, setting up email settings and securing your hosting.
  • Hostings - Implementation and configuration of hosting for Web sites
  • Webmail - Creation and setting e-mail addresses
  • Monitoring - Track your site and availability, update to the latest supported versions ...
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