web site of ASL des terres basses in Saint-Martin by IDIM web Annecy

Redesign of the website - Saint-Martin


Site link: aslterresbasses.org

In 2019, the ASL des Terres Basses entrusted IDIMweb with the redesign of its website. At that time, the site was powered by Drupal, but it was oo complex to be managed by the association members. Since then, IDIMweb is the webmaster of the ASL.

IDIMweb chose to power the site with the Joomla CMS, allowing the ASL an easy and quick integration of the content and an efficient SEO.
In 2020, at the request of ASL, IDIM added a members-only forum.

  • Custom and responsive design
  • Members-only forum
  • Multilingual
  • SEO
  • Yearly contract for maintenance, monitoring, content update.

About ASL des Terres Basses

Terres Basses (Low Lands) is a residential area located on the island of Saint-Martin. The owners are members of the Association Syndicale Libre des Terres Basses.