Website of Barbuda Belle Luxury Hotel

Website Creation - Barbuda island

(Barbuda - Caribbean)

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In 2015, Barbuda Belle Hotel asked IDIMweb to create their showcase website, with the aim of increasing awareness about their luxury beach hotel, as well as their bookings. Barbuda Belle gave carte blanche to IDIM. Since then, IDIMweb is Barbuda Belle's webmaster.

In 2023, a complete redesign of the site has been realized

IDIMweb chose to power the website with the CMS Joomla, allowing an easy integration of a custom design and an efficient search engine optimization.

  • Creation of a custom design
  • Fully responsive Design
  • Photo gallery
  • SEO
  • Maintenance, security & content update.

Pleasure in the jobs gives perfection in the work

Barbuda Belle is a Boutique Hotel located on the most beautiful beach of Barbuda, a small island in the Caribbean. Its beauty and remoteness will transform your stay into a peaceful getaway.