Website of Slowlife Villas in Saint-Martin

Website Creation - Saint-Martin

(Saint-Martin - Caribbean)

Site link: slowlife-villas

At the end of 2021, Slowlife Villas entrusted IDIM Web with the creation of its website, in order to increase the visibility and the notoriety of its villas (seasonal rental). Slowlife Villas has given IDIM carte blanche.

IDIM Web chose to power the site with the Joomla CMS (version 4), allowing easy customization and effective optimization for search engines.

  • Custom and responsive design
  • Multilingual
  • SEO

About Slowlife Villas

In the mood for the Caribbean? Think Saint-Martin! Spend an idyllic vacation at the Slowlife Villas, located in Terres Basses, near the beach of Baie Rouge.